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In many people the skin in the genital and anal area is darker than the surrounding skin which is perceived as unaesthetic.Before embarking on your booty beautification let us explain how the process works to get back your budlike puckish pink. First, we do an exfoliation to remove the booty bumps which are called folliculitis. From there we use a blend of professional grade products for skin de-pigmentation and take on the enzyme called tyrosinases that are in the lower layers of the skin we then moisturize and sooth. Various treatments are recommended. Everybooty is different.

FYI: This is not a permanent process and after discontinuation the skin takes on its old dark coloring. We recommend that you take home our booty care package. Together we will maintain the booty for the BON BON that it is.



There are 3 phases of hair growth (A.C.T.):

ANAGEN – The first and longest phase of active hair growth

CATAGEN – Transitional and shortest phase of the hair growth cycle. This is the phase where hair begins to destroy itself as it disconnects from the papilla.

TELOGEN – The third phase of the hair growth cycle during which hair sheds and the follicle rests and prepares to resume the anagen phase.

Be aware that typically 90% of your hair follicles are in the anagen stage while approximately 10-14% are in the telogen stage with the remaining follicles in the catagen stage. As we do our best to remove all of your unwanted hair it is not 100% possible.

Our goal and objective is that you stay smooth. We believe in working together with you to achieve optimal results.